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Successful search engine optimisation

Optimising your web site for search engines is crucial for the success of your business and your online marketing strategy. Understanding what is needed for achieving a successful search engine optimisation can sometimes be difficult especially if you are starting your online experience. Understanding the following will help you achieve successful search engine optimisation for your web site.

SEO-friendly web site design

Preparing a web site for search engine optimisation starts at the initial stages of design. This involves considering the type of technology used as well as the type, quantity and quality of content such as text, images, graphics and so on.

The right title tag

The title tag is the name that appears at the top bar of your browser. It is the most important element in your web site that helps search engines identify the type and purpose of your web site. Your title tag must indicate the type of your business.

Targeted keywords

Targeted keywords are the words used within your industry that users are most likely to use in search engines looking for your products or services. Your competitors' web sites will give you an insight on the keywords used within your industry.

The importance of content

The content in your web site is quiet important. Provide your visitor with valuable content and use the keywords that you have identified within the content as often as feasible without being over repetitive. Overly repeating keywords could result in your web site being penalised by search engines.

Meta tagging

Meta tags are keywords and other descriptive text that is inserted inside the HTML code of your web site to help search engines know what your web site and its content is all about. Check with your web site designer or developer to ensure that meta tagging are set up and implemented correctly.

Choose the right search engine for your site

Different search engines have different listing methods. Knowing the types of search engines that exist and the way they work will help you choose the most suitable engine for your website.

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